About MID Labs™: History and Present

1981. MID Labs is founded by Dr. Carl Wang. Dr. Wang has been associated with vitreoretinal surgery from its infancy. In 1975, his Ocutome® 800 became the first complete system for posterior vitrectomy.

1982. The MicroVit® system introduced venturi aspiration to vitreoretinal surgery and the MicroVit® probe provided the first disposable high-quality vitreous cutter. A year later, the MicroVit® system became the first microprocessor-based vitreoretinal surgical system.

1985. MID Labs sold all ophthalmic assets to Alcon.

1991. After 7 years as a Vice President for Alcon, Dr. Wang decided to leave and re-start MID Labs.

1994. MID Labs introduced the SupraVit® VitreoRetinal Surgical System with a revolutionary aspiration system.

1997. MID Labs introduced the Extended Use Vitreous Cutter, to meet the demands of international customers.

2000. MID Labs introduced the Vit Enhancer® High Speed Vitreous Cutting System, creating an evolution in vitreous cutting.

2003. The Adaptable Vit Enhancer® made available 2500 cuts per minute vitreous cutting for all Ophthalmic Surgical Systems, making economical high speed vitreous cutting available to everyone.

2005. MID Labs introduced a non-system exclusive 25 Gauge Vitreous Cutter line, making micro-incision vitrectomy available for a wide variety vitreoretinal surgical systems.

2007. MID Labs introduces a full line of 23 Gauge Vitreous Cutters and 23 Gauge Cannula Insertion Systems.

2009. MID Labs introduced the 27 Gauge Vitreous Cutters and multiple, innovative 25 and 23 Gauge Cannula Insertion Systems and specialty vitreous cutters, developed for their OEM partners.

2011. MID Labs introduces the UVE (Ultimate Vit Enhancer®) offering an 8000 cuts per minute capability, allowing enhanced vitreous cutting capabilities to be added to existing surgical systems.

Today, MID Labs continues to innovate with its own product line and is a supplier to major ophthalmic system manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

(MicroVit® is a registered trademark of Storz Ophthalmic. Ocutome® and MicroVit® system are registered trademarks of Alcon Surgical, Inc. SupraVit® is a registered trademark of MID Labs.)