AVE: Adaptable Vit Enhancer

MID Labs™ Offers

The AVE will drive MID Labs pneumatic vitreous cutters (27, 25, 23, or 20 gauge) at high actuation rates up to 2500 cuts per minute. The AVE is a self-contained console, with an internal compressed air source, utilizing proprietary pulse waveform shaping technology (U.S. patent 6,575,990), providing pneumatic power to drive the performance-matched vitreous cutter.

Enhanced High-Speed Cutting

The AVE is designed to interface with any host ophthalmic surgical system that includes a vitreous cutter drive function. This is accomplished with the simple connection of a hose or cord from the AVE to the pneumatic or electrical vitrector connector of the host system. The cut rate of the vitreous cutter is set on the AVE, and the "on/off" control of the vitreous cutter is accomplished by the host unit footpedal. The AVE provides enhanced high-speed cutting with no modification to the host ophthalmic system.