Vitreous Cutters
leading the industry

Leading the Industry

From the first MicroVit® Vitreous Cutter in 1982, to our 8000 plus cut per minute High Speed Vitrectors, MID Labs has set the standard for Vitreous Cutters.

(MicroVit® is a registered trademark of Storz Ophthalmic)
offering choice

Offering Choice

Take your choice: 20ga, 23ga, 25ga, or 27ga. MID Labs offers a Vitreous Cutter that will improve cutting performance for any compatible Ophthalmic Surgical System.

packaged how you want it

Packaged How You Want It

MID Labs offers all our products packaged sterile or non-sterile, with tubing and accessories to match your specification and cost requirements.

proven quality

Proven Quality

ISO 13485 2003 Certified – the MID Labs production team has been building Vitreous Cutters for more than a quarter century. EXPERIENCE COUNTS.

Continuous Development

Continuous Development

New technology allows MID Labs to offer Vitreous Cutters that deliver enhanced, port forward cutting performance with high speed precision, for all compatible Ophthalmic Surgical Systems.